PSA Podcast Episode 75: Leo Loves Lights, Josh Loves Sports Stuff, and Brian Loves Apple!

PSA YoutubeThumbnail Episode 75

This is it. This is the one. This is the episode you have all been waiting for. The episode you’ve been saving all your boners for. Well, get ready to unload your weapon because this week is gonna get you off!

We talk about such horny topics as:

  • Matt Rigg’s Wedding
  • Small Government
  • Spirit Airlines and how much they suck
  • Our Favorite Jobs
  • Leo’s Butthole
  • Weird Habits
  • Josh Knows sports!
  • Hitting Animals
  • Brian Loves Movie Theme Music!
  • and so much more!!!!

Also, not kidding, throughout this whole episode we just randomly make weird noises into the microphone…. it’s really dumb. But we had a good time doing it so if you don’t like it or whatever seriously we don’t care. Oh, also, thank you for listening.

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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