PSA Podcast Episode 73: The Meaning of Dreams, Our Utopian Society and School

PSA YoutubeThumbnail Episode 73

Hey bo-to-the-ners!

What do dreams mean? Who knows? Well, some people SAY they know (i.e. Crazy James) but how do we know they actually know, you know? We take a stab at what some of our dreams mean. Are we right? Probably. They’re friggin’ dreams. How hard can they be?

We also question the rules behind citizen’s arrest. What else can citizens do when cops aren’t around? This leads to Brian creating his own utopia with his own laws while Josh and Leo quickly do what they can to break all of them. Perfect utopia.

Finally, we discuss what subjects we were good at in school. Whether it was math, science, language arts, etc., we can all agree that every class would’ve been better if there was more animal dissection.

If you listen to this episode, you get an A+! If you email or tweet at us, you get extra credit! Extra credit for what, you ask? Um… shut up!



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