PSA Podcast Episode 72: Conspiracies, Living on Mars and Having Hypothetical Kids

PSA YoutubeThumbnail Episode 72

Hey listener(s)!

Sorry for our absence last week. We tried recording an episode outside while playing sloshball but we had an uninvited guest join us: the wind! That piece of crap would not shut up! So we decided to return to our roots and record inside like we almost always do.

This week, Leo wants to know if conspiracy theories are more than just theories. Did we let the moon landing happen so we could invade Iraq? Did we fake Area 51 by filming it on a sound stage? Are there really aliens in 9/11?

Brian talks about how kids today are already training in space camps to be the first people to set foot on Mars. Then we all get jealous because we never even got to go space camp. So we BETTER get to at least go to Mars!

Speaking of kids and speaking of speaking, Josh talks about what rules we would enforce if we had kids. Life and technology are so different now than when we were growing up, so how would we do it? Brian’s answer is a tad extreme and borderline illegal.

We hope you like this episode! We recommend listening to it while consuming your daily amount of Cheezium.

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