PSA Podcast Episode 69: Sex, Power Rangers, Megan and Max

PSA YoutubeThumbnail Episode 69

BONERS! This is your week!

We have made it.

We have arrived!

Welcome to Episode 69!!

WARNING: This week we get PRETTY graphic with our descriptions of our sex lives, so if you don’t want to listen…WHY DO YOU HATE US?! We care about your sex lives!!!

We welcome two special guests this week to the podcast.  Megan King and Max Black were nice enough to sit down and talk dirty with us.  We delve into our current sexual escapades and our past endeavors/nightmares.

We also all just saw power rangers right before this so we shit on that pretty hard.  Seriously…Save your money and listen to our reviews instead.

We have cum along way with your support BONERS! Thank you as always.

Click play and lets get WEIRD.


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