PSA Podcast Episode 40: Pokemon Go, More #SaveItForThePodcast and Vote On Our New Theme Song!

PSA YoutubeThumbnail Episode 40

Hello you B-E-A-UTIFUL Boners!!

Another Sunny day here in Antarctica!  I always tell the truth!!!

This week The Probably Sounds Awful Court is in session!  The honorable Judge Brian is out of town, but that wont stop him from doing JUDGE STUFF.  Leo has the prosecution ( Prostitution? ) on LOCK and finally Josh did some some stuff you will have to listen to BELIEVE!!

In this episode Brian calls in and gives us some of the coolest surprises ever. Also thanks to you, we have more #SaveItForThePodcast hash tags to discuss.

FINALLY…YES PEEPS…We give our thoughts on the ever growing and the ever stranger Pokemon GO madness.

Thanks for listening.  I miss you…YES YOU ; )

High-Fives and 99 Lives!

Leo “Stink Butt” Kovalik Jr

4 thoughts on “PSA Podcast Episode 40: Pokemon Go, More #SaveItForThePodcast and Vote On Our New Theme Song!

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